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Yes. Braniff really did operate the Concorde !
Read the details from the back of the 2 postcards.

Here's 2 "airline issue" postcards (front and text of the back) of Braniff's Concorde
Click on any image if you need to see a larger copy

Braniff operated the Concorde between Dallas/Ft. Worth and Washington's Dulles Airports
The flights were a conitinuation of British Airways or Air France flights to/from London and Paris

No aircraft really operated in Braniff's colors, these are re-touched photographs.
They were to have Braniff's colors on the left side and British Airways or Air France on the other.

The service was terminated in May, 1980 after about a year and half of service.

Here's 2 different advertising materials showing the Braniff Concorde schedules.
The brown one is the size of a normal "city reference" timetable.
The small one is a card with a crease down the middle. It was to have been folded (maybe placed on dinner trays ?)

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My Airline Collection