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The title banner and background are from a late 1960's ticket jacket.

Here's 2 "airline issue" postcards from the late 1960's
The aircraft are current day issues from AeroClassics and Gemini Jets

The BAC1-11 to the right is N1544. It was one of 2 aircraft used to showcase the "End of the Plain Plane" paint scheme in 1965

Two "checkerboard" ticket jackets.

Silverware with
"BI" logo

Two glasses and a cordial with the
secondary "dove" logo

Demitasse cup, Salt-n-Pepper & Coffee Cup

The Jelly Bean Fleet (officially the "End of the Plain Plane")
All Gemini Jets and Aeroclassic models are recent releases
The BAC 1-11s are 1:400 scale and manufactured by AeroClassics.
These aircraft were retired in the early to mid '70s.
They came back to the fleet in the mid 1980's due to Braniff's purchase of Florida Express.
The 747 & 707s are by Gemini Jets in 1:400 scale
Note the cargo door forward of the wing on the 707.
These were "QC - Quick Change" aircraft. They flew passengers during the day and freight at night.
The interior seats themselves were on pallets, enabling a quick 1 hour "change".
Braniff's first 727s were also "QC".
The 727-100 is 1:200 scale and was made by Aero Mini.
It dates back to the late 1960's and was available
for purchase in the onboard Braniff Catalog

Miscellaneous items from my collection.
Take a close look at the Baggage Checks in the 1st picture.
Both for flight 64 from Tampa to Dallas; one to Dallas Love Field and the other to Dallas/Ft. Worth Regional
The other items are various stickers/labels and "seat occupied" card.

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My Airline Collection