My Airline Collection

My personal collection of Eastern Airlines Memorbillia

The aircraft models are recent issue and in 1:400 scale.
All other items date back to the time period indicated
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The Widebody Fleet
A-300 Airbus by Dragon Wings L-1011 by Dragon Wings L-1011 by Gemini Jets
An A-300 and L-1011 in the newer (final) "bare metal" paint scheme as well as an L-1011 tail in the older white scheme.
The A-300 "bare metal" is painted grey. Being European manufacture, it has a green anti-corrosive coating. Thus, the grey paint to look close to bare metal silver.
A medallion to honor Eastern's 50 years of service.

Signed by Eastern's President (former astronaut) Frank Borman.

It's made of medal from various Eastern aircraft types over the years as well as from Apollo 8

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An older glass (front and back) featuring the
"World's Most Advanced Twin-Engine Airliner
Built by the Glenn L. Martin Co.

A shot glass with the "Golden Falcon" logo.
DC-8 by Gemini Jets with the same emblem.

757 & 727 by Gemini Jets

DC-9 by AeroClassics

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My Airline Collection