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America West started service in 1983 with a fleet of three 737's.
This section shows some items from their earlier days
Their original First Class china pattern: Desert Rose
Original kiddie wings
A pair of kiddie wings above.

A deck of playing cards below.
These cards feature the 757.  There was also a 737 deck.
757 playing cards
Here's some safety cards from the fleet.

Yes. That is a 747 safety card that you see above!

America West operated 4 747-200s in the early 1990's.
Service was initially between Phoenix and Las Vegas to Honolulu, and was later extended to Nagoya Japan.
The 747 service was short lived, and many feel this was the primary reason for America West's 1st bankruptcy.

Over the years, "The Cactus" has had several airplanes painted in "theme" paint schemes.
("Cactus" is America West's call sign with Air Traffic Control).

To the right is an 8x11 inch promo card (front & back) featuring some of the earlier theme planes.
The card is perforated to separate a small post card for each plane.
The back of each post card gives info on the airplane and its theme.

Below is a picture of most of the planes featured on the card.

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My Airline Collection