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Welcome to my information page for Legend Airlines

Legend was the "little airline that could"; or at least they made an honest effort at it.
They dared to challenge American Airlines in their home turf of Dallas; but at Dallas Love Field.

Below are copies of selected pages from a 10 page booklet promoting their service.
As with most images on my website, click the picture if you'd lke to see a lager view.

Legend's business plan was to offer an "all First Class" cabin at coach fares in typical business markets.
Their schedule started with service from Dallas to
Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Washington Dulles.

On the left, the front and back of a one page timetable from 2000

They eventually won coveted landing slots at
New York's LaGuardia Airport.

This bumper sticker promotes the new LGA flights.

As always, my favorite section of each webpage ... the dinnerware section !

From left to right: a place setting, a page from the brochure above, wine glass and coaster, silverware

More Promtional Materials
Two cardboard ad pages; front and back.

Miscellaneous items from my collection.
<<< playing cards

Flight Attendant scarf >>>

Seat Occupied Card
Frequent flyer:
- info card (left)
- member card (below)
Kiddie Wings and Bag Name Tag

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My Airline Collection