My Airline Collection

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Platter & plastic Salt/Pepper Shakers
DC-8 model from Gemini Jets
Past China Patterns
Aircraft Models are recent issues in corresponding Paint Schemes
1970's thru 1980's "Minneapolis" pattern
727-200 from Dragon Wings

Advertising & Promotional Items

A hub at Washington DC's National Airport ? A pin and promo card from 1991.
DC-9 from AeroClassics
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Bumper sticker for the new 747-400. Dragon Wings 747-400. Note the "old" color scheme, but w/o "Orient" in the name.

A Button for new Boston to London flights.
This was the start of expansion into Europe which eventually lead to dropping "Orient" from their name.

A New "World Business Class" : Comfort on a Higher Plane
The cover of a 10 page brochure promoting Northwest / KLM "new" World Business Class

Dinner service items in the current "Brittin" pattern with a page on World Business Class Dining as a backdrop. This pattern is also used by KLM.

Above: A timetable from December, 1976, along with the centerfold route map.
Below: A 1956 route map and selected pages. Click on each for a readable copy.

My Personal Northwest Fleet
All 1:400 scale diecast metal collector's models
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Northwest has the largest DC-9 fleet any airline has ever had.
Ironically, they never ordered one.
All NW DC-9s were acquired though mergers.
North Central bought Southern & Hughes Airwest to become Republic.
Republic was purchased by Northwest.

Gemini Jets 757 & AeroClassics DC-9

747 and A320 by Dragon Wings

Worldplane 747-400. Designed with pictures drawn by children. Celebrating 50 years of Pacific service.

In 2004 Northwest adopted a new logo and color scheme
Aircraft started seeing the new design first. Service items started arriving in late 2005 and onward.

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My Airline Collection